Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems: Camera Glass Reportedly Shatters Without Any Reason


Last year was very rough for Samsung, very rough in the sense that it nearly cost them their most valued customers. When it looked like things were becoming more friendly and comfortable for their success to sail on, after the Samsung Galaxy note 7,  another big problem just struck.

Multiple reports stating that – the glass panel protecting the rear camera shatter without any reason whatsoever.

According to a story on Consumerist, posted on Wednesday that shed light on the situation. A Galaxy S7 owner, by name Sean, reported that he woke up to find his phone’s camera glass shattered despite being untouched and protected with a case throughout the night.

According to Sean who describes the fracture as akin to a “miniature bullet hole.” Samsung, convinced that the incident was Sean’s handiwork, refused to hand him a replacement unit, despite the phone still well within the warranty coverage period.

Sean scoured Google for similar incidents, and he successfully found several results that mirrored his own. In each case, he found out Samsung had also refused to provide a replacement unit.

More incidents can also be seen on Samsung’s own community forum, where users have reported the camera’s glass panel shattering unprovoked, spontaneously fracturing despite being neither dropped, touched, or mishandled.

Although, as of recent, Samsung later acknowledged the incidents and responding to another post in the same forum.

“Although some unforeseen things may come, we do believe this is an isolated occurrence and do not want to place blame on anyone, ” posted by a Samsung representative, who added that the best course of action is to send the affected units in for inspection.



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