Samsung Galaxy s8 Rumored Show Up Soon With 6GB RAM and 256GB internal storage


Like every other flagship phone from the past, there must be rumors going on about them until they finally drop and the rumor mongers will have no choice than to settle down.

You must have heard, Samsung will be rolling out its galaxy s8 by the second month of 2017. So many smartphone prophets have dropped there rumors, saying that the s8 will feature this and feature that but who knows for real… Not until we all see the smartphone released.

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The latest rumor that caught my fancy was the one that states that the galaxy s8 will feature 256GB of internal storage and 6GB of RAM. That is a mouth watering feature you know that right?

This is a surprising drift back to their galaxy s6 strategy which came without an external microSD after adding microSD card external storage to their galaxy s7 which featured 32GB.

If this is true, then maybe they are trying to be up to speed with Apple on their latest iPhone 7 which came with up to 256GB internal storage.
It’s not a simple equation when it comes to RAM. Just because a handset has 8GB of RAM doesn’t mean that it’s going to perform better than a handset with 6GB of RAM. There are many different variables that dictate device performance so it’s never just one component. 6GB of RAM for the Galaxy s8 can be viewed as a logical step up but previous rumors of 8GB RAM for the Galaxy s8 appear to be overkill, at least in my opinion, though I should point out here that just last month Samsung introduced the industry’s first 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM package.

According to SamMobile, Samsung also confirmed that the handset will feature its new AI-powered digital assistant.

So, wait for it, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy s8 at Mobile World Congress 2017 in February.



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