Samsung Galaxy S8/8+ Are The Most Fragile Smartphones In The World Today


In the wake of Samsung trying to put things right after its Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Samsung made sure that everything that caused the note 7’s failure is now in order. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8+, the coming-soon Galaxy Note 8 and the refurbished edition of the Note 7 will testify for the South korean company.

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But something is wrong with the new Galaxy S8. These days, mobile phones are not meant to be as tough as the mobile phones we have in the past, but at least, they should be less fragile and shouldn’t scatter anytime it slips off your hand and falls to the ground.

One thing with today’s smartphone trend, the brands have sacrificed toughness on the table of attractiveness and that’s the problem with the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

In a test conducted by Insurance Provider, SquareTrade on the new Samsung flagship phone. They found out that not only is the S8’s screen prone to producing spider webs whenever it slips off your hand, but also, they are basically the most fragile handsets the company has ever tested.

According to Squaretrade, breakability of a device is measured on a scale of 100: the more the fragility result is closer to 100, the more fragile the device. The Galaxy S8 tested 76 while S8+ tested 77. According to the company who classified the devices as a medium – high risk, they stated, “While the nearly all-glass design of the S8 makes it a beautiful phone, it’s extremely susceptible to cracking when dropped from any angle.”

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The phone out to be the first smartphone the company has ever tested that cracked at its first drop. The S8’s screen cracked on the first drop on all sides (front fall, back fall, edge etc).

SquareTrade carried its S8 test by dropping the phone 1.8-meters away from the ground on a concrete floor. Users have reported cracks when the phone drops from 0.6-meters. It also doesn’t take much for the phone to crack when under pressure.

Even with covers, users have also reported that a drop from 0.9 meters on a tiled floor is enough to crack a Galaxy S8 and S8+ with its protection covers on.

This test shows that the all-glass body design of the Galaxy S8 is a no-no. Although the phone has a beautiful aesthetics and one of the most sort after device in the world right now, its fragility is its main downside and Samsung should put a check to it on their future Smartphones.  What happened to the fall resistance/ drop proof features on Samsung Galaxy S6 active?

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