Samsung is Making AirPods For The New Galaxy S8


The two brands are seriously in a stiff competition with each other. This is not the case of “the sky is wide enough for every living bird to fly on”. As a matter of fact, every lost customer seems to be an added dollar to the other brand’s purse. I don’t want to think about how many customers Samsung lost to Apple because of its note7 glitch in 2016.

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Although the competition is there and everybody is trying so hard to come up with the technology that is so cool and can keep their customers stuck onto them. Some brands will never mind copying others just to keep themselves floating.

When Apple removed the headphone jack on their iPhone 7 and 7 plus smartphones, they met serious criticism, it was like their world ended then. The criticism got more severe when customers learned that they will have to pay an additional fee to get the AirPods before they can be able to use a headphone on their mobile. After the raging criticism, people still bought the iPhone 7 lines of phones and it became the most talked about smartphone in 2016 beating Samsungs galaxy s7 and note7 to plup.

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Today, so many brands have started removing the headphone jack from their newly launched devices. I think they are doing this to take a bite from the attention procured by the iPhone 7.

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This year, Samsung is preparing their Galaxy s8, the device ended up getting its headphone jack chopped off. This will only leave the users from using a wireless headphone or a USB-C headphones or wireless ones.

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Don’t conclude yet that Samsung is now looking to copy Apple’s wireless AirPods as a way to provide an accessory for the S8. Samsung launched its own wireless earphones a while ago, the Gear IconX, so it’s not like they are copying from Apple but that doesn’t change the fact that Samsung continues to get its inspiration from its biggest rival in the smartphone world.

According to SamMobile Samsung is looking to launch a wireless headset alongside its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. It’s unclear to us at this time whether they will be sold separately like the Apple’s AirPods, or whether they’ll be included in the Galaxy S8’s box.

There are so many things we don’t know yet about Samsung’s plans for its new flagship phone. But the gist is that Samsung might not want to attach Icon X with the Galaxy S8 or even produce a 2nd generation Icon X for it. Because given that the Galaxy S8 will be a brand new product, Samsung is also working on brand new accessories for it, and the IconX may be too old to compete with the AirPods cool factors. Remember, they are competing seriously with each other.




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