Scratched, Bent and Burned: OnePlus 5 Passes Through The Dreaded Digital Drill Test


So the much anticipated OnePlus 5 has been launched and from the news, its units sell on the smartphone market is going crazy.

The smartphone because of its iPhone look-alike issues; struck up controversies on the internet even before its launch. But it is actually different from every other brand that tried to copy from Apple and ended producing nothing a force to reckon with but an ordinary smartphone in an iPhone’s flesh.

The flagship Smartphone will be on the news for a very long time. Not because it looks like a similar top-notch smartphone in the market already (iPhone 7) but because it of the difference OnePlus told us it brought to the table.

The Oneplus 5 one is quite different and in the bid to show you how different and mean this phone wanna get, I included a video of a smartphone Analyst, JerryRigEverything, who specializes in tearing down smartphones and showing how durable they are. This guy really never takes it easy on smartphones. He should have been called a Drill Sergeant.

In the history of OnePlus as a smartphone brand, 7.25mm smartphone is the company’s thinnest Phone.

The screens protection on upgraded to Gorilla Glass 5 from the Gorilla Glass 4 found on the OnePlus 3/3T. Did that increase the scratch resistance? JerryRig Everything will tell you on the video.

One thing that will tickle your fancy is the ceramic home button (fingerprint reader) which proved tougher than it looked and didn’t scratch a big during the drill.

The smartphone’s screen did great when passed through the burn test. And so did the Anodized aluminum back of the phone which didn’t leave any mark when scratched with keys and coins.

How about the bend test?

Just hit the play button to find out.


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