See How You Can Delete Yourself From The Internet By Clicking on a Single Button

Delete Yourself From The Internet

How to Delete Yourself From The Internet Entirely

To so many of us, the internet made our existence on earth worthwhile, while so many others, the experience has been a nightmare that brought along days of stress and disorganization in your life.

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Delete Yourself From The Internet

Do you want to take back your days from the raging monster the internet might have bestowed on your life? Have you ever wished that a button exists where you can easily delete your presence online?

That was just an impossible feat to get to not until Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck created, which offers a way to wipe your entire existence off the internet in a few clicks.

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By hopping into the website, you will be asked login with your Google account. After which the website scans for apps and services you’ve created an account for, then it creates a list of them for you to see.

Delete Yourself From The Internet

With the list and beside each app or service you will see a delete link. The easy delete link is connected to the unsubscribe page for each and every one of the apps and services on the link.

Just a few clicks you will be freed from this apps and services and your accounts with them deleted asap.

Depending on how deep your roots have already gone on the internet It might take you just an hour to easily delete your account from all the apps and services that you don’t want your name to be on anymore. You can even decide to clear your name entirely on the internet by deleting your accounts from all the apps and services

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If you’re one of the numerous internet users out there that are getting tired of social media and internet-induced stress in general, it’s the quickest way to get back to a state of tranquility.



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