Simplified Java Mail Sender Library


I was working on this project that needs to send out email notifications to users frequently. Each method literary have to send an email at the end of its operation and that increased my LOC (lines of code) unnecessarily.

I have to come up with a Email SENDING library written with Java to solve that issue. With only few lines of code, I can now integrate email functionality to my projects. This library is written in Java and can only send plain text emails for now, more functionalities will be added later.

The default SMTP settings is for yahoo mail, if you want to use yours. Please don’t use the useDefaultProps() rather use the setProps().

You can download it HERE.

Below is an example of the library at work:

package testemaillibrary;

import com.sender.steinacoz.EmailSender;

 * @author STEINACOZ-PC
public class TestEmailLibrary {
     * @param args the command line arguments
    public static void main(String[] args) {
  EmailSender es = new EmailSender();
         es.setIds("", "");
         es.setLoginCredentials("", "123456789");
         es.setSubject("testing email sender library");
         es.setMessage("it worked");




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