Some Interesting Android P Features Will Not Be Coming to Your Samsung Smartphone


Just yesterday, Google rolled out the new Android P beta and this time around, the update will be coming to your smartphones faster than any other android version so far your smartphone producer has marked your phone’s model as one of their products to recieve an update.

The new Android version comes with so many interesting features that just anyone would love to have on his/her smartphone; better battery life and brightness adjustments with the help of artificial intelligence among others.

But unfortunately, some of the features Google is announcing at its annual developers conference won’t be coming to Samsung phones.

Reason being that Google and Samsung have increasingly become competitors as Samsung launches services that duplicate what Google already offers on Android. It’s a game of “not taking it soft with your competitor”.

Which will you pick as your digital assistant when you have Google assistant on your Samsung phone and also Bixby on the same phone? Now you understand the level of competition we are looking at?

While Google will be making a test version of the upcoming Android P operating system available on some phones especially the ones running on stock android. None are from Samsung. Samsung owners will have to wait several months for a later version of Android P.

According to reports, Samsung’s camera app won’t get the built-in Lens feature which lets Google offer information after taking a photo of a object. Why, because Samsung has been developing something that offers that same feature, Bixby Vision.

It’s not known what’s happening on the inside. But whatever the two companies are upto, they shouldn’t use their fight for supremacy; or Google “teach Samsung a lesson” to hinder Samsung smartphone users from enjoying everything new that Android P has to offer.


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