Sony Has Been Killing Most of its Signature Apps and TrackID will be Joining The Graveyard By September


Sony has been shattering the hearts of its users lately by killing off most of their signature apps that made their phone’s experience unique.

Live on youtube was killed last year. Live on Youtube will allow users of the app to stream their video contents straight to YouTube.

PlayMemories Online disappeared from the Xperia devices.

Album app was taken away too.

And now, TrackID will be joining them. TrackID is sony’s music app that helps you recognise the song you are currently playing.

TrackID dated back to the Sony Ericsson days since 2005.

By the time the App goes down, your TrackID history will be lost too. Sony offers no solution to transfer the list of recognised tracks you’ve accumulated over time to another app.

Instead, Sony recommends Shazam, it even puts Shazam’s download link in the notification.


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