Rumor Reveals 5 Sony Xperia Phones Set To Be Unveiled During WMC 2017


sony xperia phones 2017

Few weeks from now, the World Mobile Congress 2017 will be upon us and see the birth of 5 new Sony Xperia Phones. The WMC is where you will see Smartphone brands unveil their top contenders for the 2017 smartphone battle.

Smartphone brands are seriously preparing for the event. LG has started sending out press invites to various online publications and it is speculated that they will be announcing the LG G6 on Feb 26th

Nokia is not an exception. They have stated earlier that they will be showing up with 5 new Android powered smartphones this year. We have seen the launch of Nokia 6 which was amazing, Nokia 8 will be next and they will be pulling down the curtains on it during the 2017 WMC.

Motorola can also be seen sending out press invites for the event as well. While Motorola’s plan for the WMC is not clear, we know that the Moto G5 will surely be unveiled during the event.

If the rumor about Sony is true. Then we will see 5 different Xperia Smartphones announced during the WMC. Sony will be expanding their Xperia X series of devices. We are seeing codenames like:

  • BlancBright
  • Keyaki
  • Hinoki
  • Mineo
  • Yoshino

The Yoshino is said to be the successor for Sony Xperia XZ and thereby can be called Xperia XZ2. According to the rumor, the Yoshino will sport a 5.5” 2560p display (4K), Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM and the new Sony IMX400 camera sensor.

The Xperia Smartphone  known as BlancBright looks more like what we can call the Sony’s flagship phone. According to rumors, the BlancBright is coming with 5.5” Quad HD device, either a Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB of RAM or Snapdragon 635 for a mid-range variant with 4GB of RAM. Then the new Sony’s IMX400 camera sensor, the same as the Yoshino.

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The other three devices which includes the Keyaki, Mineo and Hinoki appeared to be designed as mid-range devices. The Keyaki with its 5.2”  and 5” for the Hinoki . Both with a FULL HD display and MediaTek Helio P20 processors.

The last device, Mineo has no details about it yet. But it has been rumored to be mid-range too and can go for sale for $350.

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Whether this rumors will turn out to be true or not, we can’t say. Better take every detail written down on this post with a pint of salt. While so many of the details will come alive when the smartphones are unveiled on 27th February during the WMC 2017 event, so many other details might just go down the drain together with the name “Rumor”.




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