What Steve Jobs Did to The First iPod Prototype Will Surprise You


The iPod is a line of portable media players produced and Marketed by Apple Inc. The first version was released on 23rd October 2001 and history has it that day was the 8th month and 15th days after iTunes was born (Macintosh version).

Today, the iPod has 3 versions and still making waves in our present-day tech market; although its sales have declined compared to its sales in the previous years.

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The 3 versions of iPod include:

  • Ultra Compact iPod shuffle.
  • The Compact iPod Nano
  • The Touchscreen iPod Touch

The storage capacity varies ranging from 2GB for iPod shuffle to a huge 128GB for the iPod touch, a 160GB variety existed before but was discontinued because of some reasons.

Steve Jobs announced the first iPod as a Mac-compatible product with a 5GB hard drive that puts 1,000 songs in your pocket.

But, before the event, something spectacular happened behind closed doors between Steve Jobs and Apple’s Engineers who were the brains and muscles in the production of the iPod.

When engineers working on the very first iPod completed the prototype, they presented their work to Steve Jobs for his approval. Jobs played with the device, scrutinized it, weighed it in his hands, and promptly rejected it.

“It is too big.” He said.

The engineers explained that they had to re-iterate their invention so many times to create the iPod he was currently holding and that it was simply impossible to make it any smaller.

Jobs was quiet for a moment.

Finally, he stood, walked over to an aquarium, and dropped the iPod in the tank. After it touched bottom, bubbles floated to the top.

“Those are air bubbles,” he snapped. “That means there’s space in there. Make it smaller.”

And that was how the tiny size of the first versions of iPod came into existence. All thanks to the Genius Steve Jobs.



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