Who is Still Using BlackBerry Messenger on his/her Android SmartPhone?

Blackberry Messenger

It just looks like yesterday, everybody was up and all over blackberry’s big black messenger…sorry, blackberry messenger.

The case of BBM is one of those cases that should remind you of the type of world we live in. A world where things trend today and tomorrow they are gone as if they never existed.

I remember vividly when BBM was the in thing. Blackberry users feel so on top of the world when it only existed on blackberry phones. Mostly, people bought blackberry phones, not because of the smartphone itself or the fact that it’s a smartphone, but they bought it just because of the app.

I can also remember the idea of BBM pins. They were just like phone numbers. For a girl to give you her BBM pin makes you feel like you are already dating the girl. So many people will prefer memorizing their pin numbers to their mobile phone numbers.

I just wanna take this evening and reminisce on those good old BBM days.

Then, there came the first bullet. It’s launch on Android phones. The launch broke the news and everybody was really anticipating and waiting patiently for it like the second coming of Jesus Christ.

That was the beginning of the end of blackberry’s reign. The sales drastically went down. People that prided themselves on blackberry phones saw a means to get their favorite app on an Android phone that has a better battery, more functionalities extended with numerous wonderful apps that can be downloaded from play store.

The final bullet came when WhatsApp started gaining momentum and iMessages also crept out onto the stage. Now, when you check BBM on play store, you will see 100million downloads, but I guess it’s just 20-30% of that number that’s active and really using the app.

I know you are not among those still using BBM, maybe you don’t even have it installed. I literally uninstalled mine a few years ago and it has never crossed my mind to install it back again for whatever reason.

As every other struggling business will do, BBM is still trying it’s best to come back into the game, but I am still thinking the type of feature that they will introduce that will make me ditch my WhatsApp or iMessage to re-install BBM again.

Recently, BBM added an uber integration to their app.

But, people are still using blackberry. Who are they?

The folks back in Indonesia.

According to a statistics by similar web, titled popular messaging apps by country.

According to the study, WhatsApp is the number messaging app, trending in the top spot in 107 countries around the world.  Trending highest in India where 94% of all android phones has  WhatsApp installed and an average of 78% new installs every day.

Facebook messenger follows suite and can be found at the top spot in 58 countries.  Trending mostly in the US, installed on 62% of all Android devices with 39% new install daily.

Viber can be found at the top spot in countries like Iraq, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia, but its slowly losing ground to messenger in these regions.

WeChat got China, while Line got Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkmenistan.

Telegram, although new but making a lot of waves got Iran and Uzbekistan while Indonesia is the last country where BBM is making a strong stand as the preferred messaging app.

Some other notable messaging apps still exit though, apps like IMO, but they are not the ones with the highest numbers in any country.


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