Introducing TetraHertz Transmitter, the Only Network Faster Than 5G Network


While some of us in this part of the world are still yet to experience the speed transfer speed of 4G networks, the 4G LTE is upon us and we are still relaxed and lurking behind in the good old 3G technology.

The 4G LTE network has a top speed of 50MBps, imagine how fast it could be. Fast enough to allow you download a fat sized movie even before you realize you’ve clicked the download link.

Then, here comes the 5G network. This new network technology is not yet out, it will be fully announced in the year 2020. It zooms with the top speed of 5 GBps and researchers have been able to stretch its speed and achieved a maximum speed of 100GBps. Now that is even more amazingly fast compared to the 4G LTE which will soon become an old technology.

You will almost agree that the 5G is so good to be the end of technology or so good to be labelled an old network technology.

Japanese researchers have already developed a new network technology known as tetrahertz transmitter. The technology will dust the 5G technology. The tetrahertz transmitter could offer some really fast data transfer; between a frequency range of 295 GHZ and 315 GHZ, it could reach speeds of up to 105 GBPS.

According to Minoru Fujishima of Hiroshima University, he stated that, “we usually talk about wireless data rates in megabits per second or gigabits per second. But now we are approaching terabits per second using a plain, simple, single communication channel”.

Just like the normal 3G, 4G and 5G which achieves its enhanced transmission speeds by operating in distinctive radio frequency bands — so does terahertz band, which is expected to be used for future ultrahigh-speed wireless communications.


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