The First Mac Malware of 2017 Discovered, Apple called it Fruitly


​If asked by someone you will say that your MacOS; formally OS X is the most security tight piece of Tech product out there and it is completely free from Malware. But hang on, this latest issue and discovery will fix your belief.

Just about yesterday, you would have sworn that you don’t need a software to keep Malwares off your Mac OS, But wait, some researchers at a security software company called Malwarebytes are going to prove such belief wrong, null and void.
The company has discovered the first piece of Malware on the MacOS, Apple called it Fruitly.

The discovery was made after an IT administrator informed Malwarebyte of how his Macs were engaging in some unusual network traffic. Malwarebytes staff hopped in to look into things, they discovered a piece of malware written with “antiquated code” that had likely existed — primarily on biomedical research center computers — for some time.
According to them, the code is simple but ingenious, made of only two files but capable of communicating with a remote command and control server, and of taking screenshots and sending them along.
Apple is aware of the Malware and they have already released an update to checkmate and protect the MacOS from future infections.
So, if you are one of those that believe MacOS is prone to malwares, better reset your belief and watch your Mac closely for any sign of malware infection. Try as much as possible to run and scan your MacOS with a software such as Malwarebyte to ensure that you’ve not been infected already and to avoid future infection.


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