The New Google Map Can Now Tell You If a Location is Wheelchair Accessible


This post and the added Google Map feature might mean nothing to you, maybe because you are not using a wheelchair or non of your relatives and friends are either.

But to the 3 million+ wheelchair users in the U.S or in your Country this Google map feature is gold to them.

Google map app will now tell you whether locations are suitable for people with access needs — all thanks to a group of Googlers who worked on the feature in their “20% time.”

The “20% time” is a policy adopted by Google which means workers can spend 20% time of their time working on projects not related to their job. So many useful programs became possible just because of this policy. Programs like – Gmail, AdSense, and Google News etc.

While this “Wheelchair accessible entrance” is not available yet for all locations.

The effort is led by Googler Rio Asaka as part of his “20% time”.

Rio Asaka is the Product manager on Google Drive, the cloud file-hosting service.

In this exclusive Interview on BI, he narrated how him and other collegues started the project.

Here is how the feature works:

None animated GIF


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