How Several Top Tech Companies are Reacting to Trump’s Immigration ban


Trump's immigration order

United States President, Donald Trump yesterday, 28th January, sent out a shocking wave that caused reverberating effects on so many people.

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The President made a move to ban more than 130 Million people from entering the United State and to deny entry to all refugees. This caused chaos, confusion throughout US airports as people who just flew in from the banned countries are detained and prevented from entering the country.

The ban was placed on citizens of seven Muslim – Majority countries for a period of 90days and suspends the admission of refugees for 120days, this period might be extended. The countries affected includes – Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Immigrants and their families have a long history of starting and running American businesses. According to a 2011 report from Partnership for new America Economy which stated that 45% of high-tech companies in the fortune 500 were either founded and owned by immigrants or descendants of an immigrant.

So many Technology companies got the bitter taste of Trump’s order as so many of their staff members were heavily affected. Donald trump’s ink was barely dry after signing the order to get rid of the immigrants when Top Tech company CEO’s reacted in a provoked state concerning the ban.

Google sent out a memo to its employees urging anyone with visa or green card from any of the banned countries to cancel any travel plans.

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The memo states, “please do not travel outside of the U.S until the ban is lifted. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai has confirmed that the ban has affected at least 187 members of its staff.

Apple, as a company made up of mostly immigrant workers and entrepreneurs. Late Apple founder, Steve Jobs was a child of a Syrian Immigrant, which prompted Tim Cook, Apple CEO’s reaction and statement on Trump’s Immigration ban, “Apple would not exist without immigration, let alone thrive and innovate the way we do.”

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Tim Cook reacted with deep concerns among his affected employees, he assured them that Apple does not support Trump’s policy. He said on CNN that Apple’s HR, Legal and Security teams are in contact with the Employees who are directly affected by the immigration order and Apple will do everything to support them. Cook further expressed in an email, “Apple is open “Apple is open to everyone, no matter where they come from, which language they speak, who they love and how they worship”.

Microsoft presently headed by an Indian migrant Satya Nadella, told Microsoft’s 76 affected employees that the company is committed to providing legal advice and assistance to the affected employees.

Nadella also shared on LinkedIn and email written by Microsoft executive Brad Smith and sent to employees. According to the email, “We appreciate that immigration issues are important to a great many people across Microsoft at a principled or personal level, regardless of whether  they personally are immigrants.”

The email also said the company will advocate for “protecting legitimate and law-abiding refugees whose very lives may be at stake in the ongoing immigration proceedings.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook page on Friday, “We are a nation of immigrants. We should keep our doors open to refugees and those who need our help, that’s who we are.”

Facebook said in an official statement that it is still assessing the impact of the ban on its workforce and determining how best to protect her employees affected and also their families from the adverse effects.

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Y Combinator President, Sam Altman reacted by calling on the tech community to rally against President Trump, in a blog post, he called the president’s actions “a first step toward a further reduction in rights.”

he went further to state that, “This is not just a Muslim ban. This is a breach of America’s contract with all the immigrants in the nation,”

He called on people to “not demonize Trump voters,” but urged leaders in the community to publicly denounce Trump’s actions “at a minimum.” And, he said, “employees should push their companies to figure out what actions they can take.”

Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky on his a post on Facebook stated that his company would house any refugees who were stuck in limbo because of the Presidential order.

In his words, “Airbnb is providing free housing to refugees and anyone else who needs it in the event they are denied the ability to board a U.S.-bound flight and are not in your city/country of residence,” he posted. He included his email address for anyone who needed assistance.

Trump of Friday said that the ban was to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America. “We don’t want them here,” Trump said as he signed the order.

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