Twitter launches new “threads” feature to make tweet storming very easy


The micro-blogging system had so many things going on this year that has kept their name on top of the news for a while. 
Not so long ago, Twitter’s tweet character which has remained 140 for a very long time was changed to 250 characters and users are currently enjoying the change.

Then, they introduced a lite mobile app which made using Twitter very much easier and faster for users who are living in a remote area and lacked strong internet connection.

Now, they’ve introduced the Twitter threads.

Threads aims to make it easier for users to make connected tweet threads. Just last month, Twitter was experimenting how nice this feature will be. And when they were satisfied with their test and have seen its impact. They are making it official to both android, iOS and the web.
The new Twitter threads will revolutionize the old method of using Twitter. This old method has been found to make it very difficult to discover and read tweets.

To make Twitter threads easier, the company has introduced a ‘+’ icon besides the word counter. It can be seen while composing a post. With this,  users can compose a post and tap on the ‘+’ icon without publishing the post, in order to create a thread. Once a thread is composed, it can be published all at once.

This eliminates the time and the effort required to post a tweet, then tap on the reply button and compose another one.

Twitter is making it possible for users to keep updating the thread once it has been published. Another minor change is that the threads will now be easier to spot in the news feed. 

According to Reddy, he stated,   “it’s now simpler to spot a thread – we’ve added an obvious “Show this thread” label.

Now hurry, breeze over to twitter and flex around with the new feature then give your feedback whether you are enjoying the twitter threads or not. 

This response helps build the micro-blogging system more – it will be used to work on new updates that will be tailored to your taste to make platform easier and more fun for you to use.


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