Twitter Makes its Lite App Available for Download in 24 More Countries Including Nigeria.


If you are the type that will always choose Facebook lite mobile App over the main Facebook App or choose Messenger lite App over the main Messenger App, and also, you are among the 330 million people that storm Twitter daily, then the San Francisco micro blogging platform has something new and exciting for you.

Since mobile is the way forward, tech companies are not taking any step backwards while trying to create mobile apps that will improve user’s experience no matter the part of the world they are accessing their App from.

Twitter, being one of the most popular known social media platform is trying to make it more easier and convenient for people to use their platform from anywhere in he world even from the most isolated places in Africa and Asia.

After 2 months of testing space saving version of its main app in the Philippines, Twitter has decided to bring it to 24 other countries.

The app comes with some new features for your convenience. First, it’s meant to consume only a tiny bit of space on your smartphone,  at about 3MB, and —  for places with patchy coverage — support offline usage via caching.

It’ll also allow users to choose which pictures or videos to download in their stream, so they don’t waste data auto-downloading everything.

On Friday, Twitter which just clocked  330 million in the third quarter of 2017 announced it’s releasing Twitter Lite to Android’s Google Play store in 24 countries, mostly in emerging markets across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Here are the countries it’s hitting:

Where it’s hitting:

Asia: Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand

Africa: Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Tanzania, Venezuela

Europe: Algeria

Middle East: Egypt, Israel, Serbia,

Latin America: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, El Salvador

Although the lite version of twitter’s app has been around for some time as a progressive app. Actually you can access it by visiting ( But this new roll out on the Google Play store ought to make its app more sticky, compared with making users go to a webpage while using the app


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