VKworld to relaunch VKworld F1; Redesigned Ideally for Elderly Smartphone Users.

Vkworld F1 relaunch

In the smartphone industry, there is always something for everyone no matter your background, age, country and belief, you’ve got a gadget or two specifically made to meet your demands.

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From your little toddler who only needs a smartphone to play games and call their parents when they are hungry at home to the elderly ones who doesn’t need much of the features, we the young individuals crave for.

Here, the RAM capacity on their mobile phone doesn’t bother them much same as the processor speed, sometimes when they are in possession of the high-end smartphones they see them more as a burden than the incredible gadgets they are.

Most times, they only care for the battery capacity which must be okay to carry them along for days without looking around for a wall socket to refill the battery juice.

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To meet the demands of this weird group of individuals(the elderly), who doesn’t show interest to the moving trends on the smartphone industry, VKworld will be re-launching their F1 smartphone which was initially launched on January 2016.

The phone is relaunching with loads of new features which will resonate more with the elderly population.

Firstly, VKworld will be making the UI easier to look at. Because of the poor eyesight, most of our elderly ones suffer from the font size of this phone will be 5 times bigger than the normal size.

The new phone to be re-introduced will pack a 4.5” display. That sounds off because most of the smartphones being launched today come with at least 5” upwards.

It will also come with bigger icons and simpler functions to look more like the feature phones most of them are already used to from the past, this will make it the ideal phone for an elderly person around the world to communicate with and also keep the modern features smartphones have introduced to the mobile technology industry which includes; fast internet, smartphone apps and other things.

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The VKworld F1 also packs a louder speaker for people suffering from bad hearing and also they included a feature that will speak out the phone number whenever the phone receives an incoming call or the owner dials a number.

Also, there is an SOS emergency call button on the home screen which can be easily assessed in time of danger.

All specs on the new VkWorld F1 is the same as the previous 2016 model. An MT6580 SoC, 1GB RAM and 8BG of internal storage which can be extended with a memory card.

Camerawise, the rear camera packs an 8MP and the selfie camera is 5MP.

This smartphone will be going on sale for $50 and it’s going to be available for purchase very soon.

For more details please go over to the official VkWorld Website


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