Welcome to 2018! The journey so far, Traffic Stats, Best posts in 2017, What’s the plan for 2018

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If you can read this post, congratulations, you just made history by being among the 6 billion human beings on planet earth to make it into 2018.

The journey wasn’t easy but the ride was exciting. 2017 was an exciting year and running DroidEngage since August has been the most exciting task in my life.

So many nasty things happened in 2017, from being robbed at gunpoint around February and was nearly shot by armed robbers – to losing a very good friend of mine. But in all, we just have to thank God for the gift of life and his grace upon my life and I pray that he continues his good works as I pound out dozens of smartphone technology articles on DroidEngage.

The Journey so far

I started this blog with the name geekshelm, and the first blog post here was actually published around May 2016. Along the line, around August 2017 I decided to change the domain name to Droidengage; among so many reasons for doing so was the need to narrow down the niche to be more precise with smartphone technology, Android in particular.

So far, the decision is paying off full time. Blog traffic skyrocketed, my motivation and zeal to keep up with it increased because I eliminated the only thing that would have overwhelmed me while trying to keep up with the huge changes that happen in the technology world.

Traffic Stats

Traffic isn’t easy to generate on technology niche, unlike the entertainment niche were you can put up any gossip about any celebrity and watch thousands of gossip mongers storm into your blog. But on this niche where it’s not everybody on the internet that’s technologically inclined and it’s not everybody that wants to know or even care to know the stunts Nokia is pulling next to win back its lost glory or what Apple finally did to calm the raging older iPhone users down after slowing down their phones.

Amidst all these difficulties, around September 2017 we’ve noticed a rapid increase in traffic. From a miserable 15,000 monthly page views, we can now boast of over 50-60,000 page views every month. I guess this is as a result of our change in strategy if you noticed we moved from publishing too serious bottle-neck blog posts to more lively and humor-driven articles.

Best Blog Posts That Rocked 2017

Let me use this opportunity to go deep down into the pound where my blog posts are residing, grab the bests of them by the neck and pull them to the surface so that you can have a review and in case you missed them, this is an opportunity to reconcile with that information you missed.

Egypt launches First Locally-Built Smartphone, the Nile X. Here is What it Looks Like

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Smartphones [Root or No Root]

How To Transfer Files Between Your Android and PC Without USB

Legendary Nokia Hitting Andriod Platform With D1C Android 7.0 Nougat-powered smartphone

What’s in for 2018?

Well, the year is just getting started and we have our plans already slated out. All we pray is for the grace of God to see us through as we unleash our plans.

Among our numerous plan for Droid engage, the most resounding ones are to shift a little bit from being the breaking news and viral-post smartphone technology blog to a more tutorial and how-to’s technology blog.

We will also up our game when it comes to smartphone reviews and bring to your notice the latest smartphones immediately after their launch. We are also looking into starting our own hands-on review videos and unboxing videos on launched and released smartphones. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, scrapped from our plans this year.

That’s it for now.

My name is Jay Henry; I am a back-end web developer, an Android Smartphone addict and the face behind Droidengage.com

May the God you pray to bless your 2018.


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