What The F**k Was Siri Doing With Liam?


Kinda asked Siri how she was doing and with her sexy voice, she replied me with this answer, “just chilling with Liam”.



At first I thought she was referring to Liam Pyne, or Liam Neeson, or any of the Liams that we all know. But she was referring to Liam, the apple’s robot that dismantles iPhones to recycle and recover parts.

What could Siri be doing with Apple’s grim reaper on a new iPhone?

Watch Video Of Liam at work and see how its 29 arms work when the robot is at work.

When you return your old iPhone to be recycled. The robotic cutting tool, called Liam, with its 29 arms, armed for just one purpose and that is to dismantle your iPhone and recover valuable parts that can be reused.

Liam removes the valuable materials from iPhone parts so they can be re-purposed into other products.

Some of the materials removed include cobalt, gold, silver, platinum and tungsten. For example, Tungsten is re-purposed in precision cutting tools.

“There’s no other machine in the world that can do what Liam can do,” Says Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, at a press event in Cupertino, California.

Liam was developed as part of Apple’s larger initiative to be more environmentally friendly. Apple has focused on using renewable energy, and Liam helps put more recycled materials back in the global supply chain.

The tool is also a good way for Apple to save money because the company doesn’t need to buy those expensive materials again.

In a way, Liam is a mechanized version of metal recycling professionals who scrape off gold and other precious metals from products that have been thrown away.

But the Difference is clear, Liam disassembles iPhones at the rate of one handset every 11 seconds. According to Mashable, Liam disassembles 350 iPhones every hour, which means up to 1.2 million recycled phone every year.


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