WhatsApp to End Support for Blackberry OS devices and Older Windows on 31st December


For some time, the Facebook-owned messaging App, WhatsApp has been dabbling in its decision to bid farewell to some older operating systems and the New Year is the deadline mapped out for it.

WhatsApp has announced its plan to finally end support for blackberry OS (including Blackberry 10) and windows mobile OS (from windows 8.0 down). This will commence on December 31st.

According to a press release earlier this year, the most used messaging App in the world after giving up on these operating systems will continue to work on these platforms but users will be unable to re-verify existing accounts or create any new ones.

While WhatsApp over time has been known for its increased support for older devices even when its owners have given up on them, but this will be no more.

Other older mobile operating systems that will be affected are Nokia S40 feature phones which its support will last until 31st December 2018 while Android 2.3.7 and older versions will last until 1st February 2020.

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The new update on WhatsApp came with some amazing features, but unfortunately, these features can’t be implemented and used on the these operating systems to the fullest, the reason being that the operating systems lack the capabilities to support the workability of the new features WhatsApp is bringing to its App.

Die-hard blackberry fans can drop their old devices and upgrade to the new Android-powered blackberry devices if they really mean to remain bb fans and patronize the brand.

As for windows, well, Microsoft has already decided to give up on its windows mobile project (even the windows 10 mobile) So it’s a dead end for its users anyway.


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