WhatsApp Pay is in its Beta Stage in India, To Go Official Next Month

Whatsapp Pay

Ever since Facebook purchased WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app has gone through several metamorphoses; dished out and served on a delicious platter of updates. It’s nice to know that Facebook is building the app into something better and more useful than it was before she bought it.

Of the numerous rumors encircling the ideas of features to be added on WhatsApp, the longest and most realistic feature which is about coming into reality is the idea of Facebook adding a payment feature to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Pay

A new report from ET recently claims the WhatsApp payment option will go live in India as early as next month.

According to the report, WhatsApp is reportedly conducting the final phase of tests with a select group of users (beta testers) and partnered with one of its partner banks in India and the WhatsApp pay feature will be rolling out next Month.

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It’s obvious that Facebook is not only ripping Snapchat off and adding its features to their Facebook app or messenger app but it also has plans to rip snap up for WhatsApp.
Maybe this feature will fill in the space Snapchat created by not making the SnapCash available for Android users.

Or more still, is Mark Zuckerberg trying to implement Apple’s iMessage feature where users can send money to friends. This will be a very nice opportunity to bring the feature in and make it available on the two competing platforms.

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Nevertheless, while we all beam with smiles to the introduction of this feature to Android, there are some cons attached to it. Despite Facebook promising various levels of encryption to keep your data safe, UPI itself, (the technology by which the banks are meant to interact with) also has a complicated settlement mechanism between various banking partners. But this is Facebook and the way they handle their Android apps are so lackadaisical. WhatsApp wasn’t the most secure app even before they bought it and after the purchase, security is still under debate.

Apart from the security concerns, the feature will be so welcomed on mostly the Android platform. It will make it very easy to send and receive money between iOS and Android much quicker than PayPal would have done.

A “Rupee” symbol (or your country’s currency symbol) will be added to the Attachment’s option on the App which will allow you to access the feature. On clicking it you can then make a peer-to-peer payment through the one-step process of entering the amount and UPI PIN.


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