Whatsapp To Introduce New Feature That Allows You Unsend Already Sent Messages


That moment when you’ve already sent something to a friend via Whatsapp and on a second thought, you realized how awful what you sent was then you just wish you can swallow back your message.

Am I the only one that had ever wished for this type of feature on Whatsapp? No, I know you’ve also wished for that to be possible on Whatsapp.

From the looks of things, Whatsapp might be adding this feature very soon to their app. With this feature you will be able to revoke text messages including the ones with some sort of media content by tapping on the message you would like to un-send, this will open up a menu where you should see the revoke option.

Take a look at the feature and how it is going to look like…

The specific time that this feature will be available is unknown, but just know that it might be coming with the next Whatsapp update and iPhone users are likely to get it first.

Source: WABetaInfo follow @WABetaInfo


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