WhatsApp’s New Update Adds Compartibility for Apple’s CarPlay

WhatApp carPlay

While WhatsApp has been available for Android Auto users to enjoy while driving, the Facebook-owned popular messaging App is just making its way into Apple’s CarPlay today.

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Today is the 29th day of January 2018, WhatsApp just released a new update which adds compatibility for Apple’s carPlay.

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According to a Dutch technology website which first discovered the new WhatsApp update and the feature it came with, the feature will be automatically available when Whatsapp users update to the new version of WhatsApp.

Do you have carPlay enabled in your vehicle? If yes, you can now update your WhatsApp and to the latest version and sync it with your carPlay.

After doing that, you can now be able to see unread messages, ask Siri to them to you and you can also tell Siri to send new messages to your WhatsApp friends while you are driving.

You will also receive notifications of new messages with the name of the sender on the display. Unfortunately, that’s where the new feature’s ability ends as you cannot scroll through the list of your messages (the ability is not available yet)

Apple has always been known for making life hard for developers who try to bring third-party apps onboard Apple products. They will always put numerous restrictions here and there whilst limiting what developers can do.

By so doing, WhatsApp happened to be the first third-party App to exist on Apple’s carPlay.

Let’s hope more abilities will be added to this newly found compatibility. But until then, Apple carPlay users should make do with the little WhatsApp feature made available to them.


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