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The Type of Articles We Accept

We will be  happy to accept the submissions of articles  ranging from

  • Gadgets
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  • Programming – Web and mobile app development
  • Crypto-currency
  • How to/Tutorials
  • The internet


While the list above will give you a hint about the type of articles we accept, don’t limit yourself to them. You can send in any technology related articles but we will like to advise that you post articles that you are very well familiar with.


Tip 1: Choose an attractive title, select your keywords carefully.

Tip 2: Include a featured image for your post, you must own the copy right or more still the permission to use it.

Tip 3: We are looking for quality and interesting articles that will be at least 500+ words. Nevertheless, when your article is shorter, it might still be published if your article is worth it.

Tip 4: Be unique – We take adequate measures to search through any submissions so make sure your content is original.

Tip 5:  You must reply to any comment on your post when people ask questions concerning the information you are giving to them.

Tip 6:  Finally, you must complete your registration as a member by filling up your bio, setting up your gravatar and putting your social media names so that our readers who might eventually fall in love with your post to get in touch with you.

Please note that your guest post might not be published if we find 90% of these details not completely provided.


All article submissions are generally reviewed by humans and will be published within 2 days.

We will publish a biographical paragraph at the end of any piece you submit of no longer than 100 words that may link back to your website.

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