Xiaomi Launches its own Voice Assistant, But it Looks More like Amazon Echo Dot


Xiaomi is one of the numerous Chinese smartphone brands that are currently pulling the smartphone technology cart forward in China and they are also major players in so many countries around the world.

The smartphone company can be seen in so many areas in the technology and their latest break-in is the voice assistant niche.

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Today, Yeelight, being Xiaomi’s subsidiary launches their voice assistant. Yeelight is part of Xiaomi that is majoring in producing smart home products. This is the first such product coming from the company.

Mere looking at the speaker, you will notice its striking resemblance to Amazon’s Eco Dot which was launched sometime last year bearing Amazon’s Alexa digital voice assistance inside.

While Yeelight’s speaker looks like Amazon Eco Dot, the difference comes from the inside where Yeelight used Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistance.

The Yeelight’s smart speaker comes with four buttons on the side just like Echo Dot – these four buttons include an action button, microphone ON/OFF button,  volume up and volume down button.  Finally, the speaker bears an additional button in the center which is not available on the normal Eco – Dot but present on the larger version of Amazon echo. This button can be used to put the speaker in mute mode, the same functionality it serves in Echo.

Internally, the Yeelight speaker comes with six microphones and 2-watt speaker.

According to Yeelight, they claim that the device is equipped with an advanced voice wake-up algorithm which can turn the device on within a range of 5-meters.  Also built in are an advanced Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and Beamforming technology which will help to reduce echo.

The Yeelight speaker is powered by a 64-bit Cortex A53 quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz and a 256MB RAM with 256MB of flash storage is also onboard. The device supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy (LE).

Yeelight also stated that the device comes with dual AI systems and while it can do every other thing any voice assistant built into a speaker can do, it can also control other Xiaomi smart home products such as smart LED bulbs, smart room temperature regulators and so on. On the announcement, the device can only control xiaomi smart home products but the support for other products will be added soon.

Yeelight will commence the shipment of the device from 31st January in and around China.


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